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Mann, der Mantel entwirft
Nähen Leder

The successful specialization in the finest men's leather jackets and over 50 years of experience make the Kapraun manufactory unique worldwide.
Leather is the oldest upper material in the world and has always had a special function
fascination with people. For the entrepreneur Heinz Kapraun
this passion strong enough to found a factory for leather clothing in Großostheim in 1961.
With enthusiasm for fine leather in all its variety, craftsmanship and attention to detail, the company has successfully established itself internationally over the past five decades. Even more:
KAPRAUN belongs in the premium segment for men's leather jackets alongside a few
few competitors from Italy and France to the top of the world. In addition to profound leather know-how and high craftsmanship, Kapraun owes its good name to its sovereign creative vision, whose classic-modern handwriting is still as authentic after 50 years as it was at the first

In order to meet its own quality standards, Kapraun manufactures by hand with impressive consistency and only uses the best materials. The spectrum ranges from eel to goat and is not bought off the shelf as a matter of principle, but is developed individually in cooperation with the leading tanneries. The linings and accessories such as buttons, zips and knitted cuffs also come from the finest addresses worldwide. In addition, there are functional processing techniques such as "Dry Suit" and "Hot Seal", which ensure unrivaled weather resistance and maximum wearing comfort.

KAPRAUN launches two menswear collections each year, which are developed by in-house designers and include a total of 25 to 35 models in all sizes, including special sizes. The leather jackets are in the retail price segment between 600 and 3000 euros. In addition to its own brand, Kapraun also implements custom-made products for prominent customers and hand-picked boutiques. Model development continues to be done by hand in our own manufactory. Production is handled via exclusive production sites.
The company is best known for its down quilted jackets and the successful combination of natural materials with functional techniques such as "Hot Seal" and "Dry Suit".
Kapraun is now represented in 23 countries and has a grown sales structure with over 300 renowned specialist dealers, 80 of them in Germany alone. The focus is on Europe.

KAPRAUN should now be perceived as an affordable luxury brand and arouse desire....but a little more noble.
KAPRAUN's signature stands for long-term design. The style is modern and has its finger on the pulse. Ageless, timeless and sustainable... the opposite of fast fashion. What is important here is the balance between tradition and innovative proportions. Season-independent action is the new credo, because thinking in retail in rigid seasons has become increasingly outdated.
Each Kapraun jacket is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and one of a kind.
Not only a buttonhole is a filigree handwork.
The cutting is of course done by hand.

State-of-the-art CAD systems deliver perfect patterns for the Kapraun fits.
Before the start of production comes the creative work: an idea is turned into a sketch, which is turned into a model.

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